2023 Year-end Summary - Another year of tinkering

TLDR: I am also alone this year!

Year-end Summary#

Overall, it has been a year of ups and downs. From returning to China from Russia to going to Japan, although I have experienced a lot, it feels like I have been drifting along without a purpose. But currently, I am satisfied with my life.

January: New Year's trip, Mineralnye Vody, Russia 🏔 - Armenia - Sochi - Abkhazia. The picture shows Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia.


February: Novosibirsk is still very cold. The chef went back to China for the Lunar New Year, so I ate out for lunch every day. I often drank and ate hamburgers with colleagues, and it was quite enjoyable.

March: Running away with a bucket 🤣. The picture shows the view outside the office window.


April: Returned to China, bought a SteamDeck (collecting dust), watched "The Journey of Ling Ya" and "Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet" (The Phantom of Baker Street), temporarily moved from Shenzhen to Dongguan and stayed at a colleague's place. My roommate's cat.


May: Went back to my hometown Harbin during the May Day holiday, attended a middle school classmate's wedding, and wasted a few minutes contemplating why I can't find a partner. Got my nails done for the first time.


June: Went to the dentist while waiting for my visa, then departed for Japan. It was hot in the summer.

July: Work, housing, various things, strolling in Tokyo, fireworks festival, and bought a camera.

August: Went to the WF 2023 figure exhibition and C102, as well as some tourist spots in Tokyo.

September: Chiba Seaside, Kamakura, Enoshima, and the TGS exhibition (thanks to a forum friend for the ticket).


October: Saitama, Kasukabe, and some other places. Shibuya was crowded during Halloween. Bought an Xbox X (still collecting dust).


November: Personal exhibition of Ishinaga Sakurako. Mount Fuji 🗻. Autumn leaves 🍁.


December: Bought an ROG laptop (Overwatch, start!). Year-end party. Getting ready for the New Year trip to Osaka and Kyoto.



I read 56 books this year.


The first book I read was "The Three-Body Problem." I also watched the TV series. Sitting in a small cabin in the forest in freezing Novosibirsk, I stared at the dark forest and moonlight, lost in thought.

This year, I mainly read detective novels (and probably will for the next few decades). First, I finished the Lychee series by Zhen Zuoqin. In April, I filled the gap from five years ago by reading "Sunshine Robber." In July, I started reading Masahiro Imamura (I also really like the Corpse Party movies). I want to be the assistant of a beautiful girl detective! Later, I read "The Closed Room" following the Japanese drama. At the end of the year, I finished reading the "Danganronpa: Kirigiri" series. It has been another year of new mystery novels!

If I were to summarize the books that interested me the most, I would choose "The Twin Serpents" for the first half of the year and "The One-Eyed Girl" for the second half.

As for the books I plan to read in the new year, I mainly want to complete some series: Nisio Isin's "Monogatari" series, Yasuhiko Nishizeki's "Takumi Chitose" series, and start reading some new authors: Tomoyuki Shirai and Yoki Nogi. Currently, there are 76 books on my reading list, and I hope to accomplish it this year.


I haven't watched many movies or dramas. The most memorable one should be "Give Me Back My Dog's Life 4."


I have a real video game impotence, and I haven't played much other than mahjong.

2024 Plans#

Looking back at last year's New Year's resolutions, I didn't accomplish anything except for reading books 😅. But let me list my plans for the new year:

  1. Japanese N2, the exam doesn't matter, but I'll strive to master grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Personal knowledge management.
  3. Reading (as mentioned above).
  4. Photography and traveling. After all, I bought a camera, so I should take it out more often.
  5. Make more use of GPT to assist with work and learning.
  6. Professional skills: computer graphics, deep learning, front-end development.

Review of Last Year's Flags#

  • Start writing a diary: On and off ❌
  • Make daily plans and live a disciplined life: Going with the flow ❌
  • Finish reading 30 novels: This one is a ✅
  • Learn Russian: Said goodbye to Russia ❌
  • Cook something on weekends and holidays: Occasionally cook hot pot
  • Try drawing on the iPad: Learned to draw with AI ❌
  • Work seriously: Ran away with a bucket 😅
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